The floor for Innovations
Growing innovations

The floor for Innovations

A business lives from offering popular products or customer-oriented services. But how are products created that the customer particularly likes? How do services have to be designed so that customers become fans?
The customer alone decides whether Your product appeal to him. Therefore, You should pay special attention to Your customer. Design Thinking is just the right way to bring products and services to market tailored to Your customer needs.

With the five steps of Design Thinking, You find Your way from understanding Your target group to prototypes of Your innovation.
Following preconditions should be fulfilled:

  • You need a team! The more interdisciplinary and international, the stronger the innovative power.
  •  Your team and You need innovative spirit and a creative mindset.
  • Other important materials are a lot of stickers, paper, pens, building blocks, knead or other materials from which You can build beautiful things.
  • To not develop an out-of-favour product, talk to Your customer before. Interview him about his expectations to the product and experience with it. Get in touch with your target group!
  • Listen to Your customer and build empathy. Empathy is key to understand Your customer.

Design Thinking is not assigned to a department or industry. It can bring solutions to existing problems everywhere. This makes the method special and at the same time worth mastering it. Because every day You are faced with new challenges that have to be overcome. And that can be in private as well as in professional life.

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